Storage Containers - Mobile

Mobile storage containers are mainly used for storing tools and materials by construction companies. The storage containers are produced in several variants. The construction of the storage containers can be solved as a standard version with a double leaf door in front, wooden floor and no windows or as a version with windows, shelves and an alternative solution for access or others.

The storage containers are manufactured in five lengths.

The great advantage of a mobile storage container is its option of a repeated assembly and dismantling, which enables to reduce the costs of transport and provide a possibility of the storage during the construction off-season.

Technical parameters of mobile storage containers:

ok icon a container is produced from the trapezoidal galvanized sheet of the thickness 0.75 mm

ok icon supporting profiles are made of galvanized sheet of the thickness 2 mm

ok icon a container is equipped with a single leaf or double leaf door with a handle and a lock in the front or side wall

ok icon an entrance profile, when the door is open, is 1,92 x 1.95m

ok icon a wooden floor of the thickness 35 mm (tongue and groove system)

ok icon dimensions of the storage containers – height 2,2m, width 2,18m, length 2,25m, 3m, 4m, 5m or 6m

ok icon a storage container can be easily assembled and dismantled (advantage for storing and transport)

Weight of storage containers (in the basic version with wooden floor, front door):

Length: Weight:
2,25 m 360 kg
3 m 420 kg
4 m 510 kg
5 m 600 kg
6 m 690 kg

ok icon Weight of a container is valid for the basic variant – with a double leaf door in front and wooden floor.

Maximum load:

handling with a crane 1 500 kg
handling with a forklift 3 000 kg
bottom loading of surface 500 kg/m2

Variants of mobile storage containers:

double leaf door in front or from the side

single leaf door from the side

combination of multiple doors (e.g. in front or from the side)